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Winter Services

Want To Keep Your Pool/Spa Open Through The Winter With Our Winter Services?

Winter Services

Winter is upon us and with the colder temperatures

Spakle Pools, Inc. Winter Pool And Spa Services

We Offer:

  • Weekly Service

  • Once a Month Service

Sparkle Pools has been offering various winter services

to our customers for 20+ years.  Some of our

customers like to keep their pool or spa open year

round.  We have several winter schedules available

to accommodate all our customers. 

We offer Weekly,

Bi- Monthly and Once-A-Month service.


   Service Includes:

  • Vacuum Tub

  • Blow Debris Off Deck

  • Empty Skimmer and Pump Baskets

  • Test and Balance Chemicals

  • Backwash/Clean Filter

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