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Pool Liners

Need A New Pool Liner Installed In Your Pool?

In-ground pool liners have grown in popularity do to their ease of maintenance and lower cost to build and renovate compared to an in-ground gunite swimming pool.  The pool liners are made of vinyl and acts as the barrier between the water and the pool shell.  The pool liners can last up to 25 years according to the manufacturers, but from our experience the average lifespan of pool liners is around 12-15 years if water chemistry is well maintained along with proper installation.


Pool Liners Selection

We supply you with vinyl liner samples from several quality manufactures that we use such as  These pool liners are made from virgin vinyl and are of top quality.  We do not purchase pool liners from manufacturers who add recycled materials into their vinyl as they are of lower quality.

The pool liner we order for you is a custom order. 

We take all the needed measurements of the inside

of the pool to make sure if fits properly.  Before we

order the new liner, this would be a good time to

make any repairs or changes to the pool, such as

lightning, deck repair or equipment upgrades. 

Today pool liner manufacturers offer an exciting

line up of new colors and patterns as well as

different thicknesses (mils) for walls, pool steps,

and pool floors depending on your preferences.

Some manufactures now offer textured pool liners

as well as installation kits for real pool tile at the

water line or new pool builds.


Pool Liner Install Process

1.  When the pool liner arrives we will drain the water out of the pool.  If the water has chlorine in it we will dechlorinate the water before pumping, but most pools are usually green with

algae and no chlorine present.

2.  The old pool liner is cut out in small strips and

folded to be hauled off


3.  We then remove all the old face plates and gaskets

on the steps, skimmers, return lines, drains and pool

light.  New gaskets are installed at this time.


4.  Walls are cleaned and all wall seams are taped with

construction grade tape to create an air tight vacuum

when installing new liner.  If walls have any damage

due to rust we prep the area and apply a rust inhibitive

primer and paint. Depending on the damage we can

install a piece of sheet metal over the damage as well.


5.  Pool floor is cleaned of any debris.  Unfortunately

many times we won’t know if there is damage to the

floor until the water and old liner are removed.  We do

not charge for minor floor repair but if it is substantial

there would be an additional charge for making the repair.  Sometimes this involves putting a whole new floor in.


6.  Install wall foam on pool walls.  Normally if the walls are smooth this is an unnecessary step.  We install it for additional protection for the liner.


7.  The pool liner is set in the pool and hooked into the top track and adjusted around the pool to get the correct fit.  After the liner is installed we remove the air between the liner and the pool shell creating a vacuum to pull the wrinkles out.  After the liner is vacuumed to the pool shell and everything fits well, the water is stared in the pool.


8.  Main drain frames and covers are installed in pool bottom when at least 6 inches of water is in the hopper.  All other fittings are usually installed after pool has at least 6-8 inches of water in the shallow end floor.  Some experienced pool liner installers can install all the new face plates and covers the same day as the install.  We have done both examples based on certain circumstances with the pool liner install.

9.  Pool is filled with water and pool filtering process started.  Chemicals are balanced

10.  Trash picked up and hauled. Sparkle Pools, Inc. Custom Vinyl Liner Pool Contractor Builder Construction Vinyl Swimming Pool Remodeling New Liner Resurfacing Replastering Resurface Replaster Liner Replacement Sparkle Pools, Inc. Custom Vinyl Liner Pool Contractor Builder Construction Vinyl Swimming Pool Remodeling New Liner Resurfacing Replastering Resurface Replaster  New Liner Installed
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