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We are here to help you!  We have been doing pool openings, working on and servicing swimming pools in the Knoxville area for

more than 20 years. We bring to our customers a wealth of knowledge and experience.  We know pools and the various nuances involved in getting your swimming pool ready for the summer.  Let us help you with your swimming pool opening today!

Here Are Some General Guidelines For Opening Your Swimming Pool.

1. Remove water and debris off pool cover.  Remove the cover from pool.

2. Blow debris off pool deck.

3. Start filling pool with water if low.

4. Pull winter plugs from pool and install hardware on pool.

5. Inspect and install plugs and other hardware on the pool

equipment pad.

6. Open all valves. Start pump. Begin filtering process.

7. Clean debris out of pool.

8. Check and balance chemicals in pool.

9. Allow to filter and clear up.

10. Follow-up visit may be needed.

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Here Are The Guidelines For Your Swimming Pool Opening.

1. One of the first things we will do when we show up is remove any water or debris from the pool cover. It’s important not to dump this water or debris into the pool as this will prolong the pool opening process. After everything is removed from on top of the cover we will fan fold it off the pool to either be cleaned or stored away for the summer. Most of the time if it’s a mesh Safety Cover there may be some debris that may need to be blown off before it’s put away.  Other covers such as a tarp and water bag cover may have a lot of water and debris accumulation which will require more time and work to get it off, cleaned and put away.

2. After the pool cover is removed, we will take our blowers and blow the swimming pool and surrounding patio area of any debris left on deck.

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3.  Fill pool with water. If the pool is low on water we will start the filling process.  If the water level is really low the homeowner may have to fill the pool as this may take several hours to do.  A follow up visit may be required to finish the swimming pool opening process.

4.  While the pool is filling we will remove all the winter plugs.  This includes return jet plugs, dedicated vacuum line plugs and skimmer plugs.  Bubblers, water fountains and other water feature plugs will be removed at this time if on the pool.  All winter plugs will be put with the pool cover for summer storage.  At this time we will install the ladders, handrails, skimmer baskets, return eyeball jets, vacuum line safety caps, volley ball nets and safety ropes, etc.

5.  Install pump plugs, pump baskets, filter drain caps, pressure gauges and any other hardware on equipment pad.  Inspect equipment for any damaged or worn parts.

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6.  Open all valves.  Start pump.  Begin the filtering process.  Check for any leaks and hidden freeze damage.

7.  Vacuum debris out of pool.  If pool is green, we will concentrate on getting pool water filtered and cleaned up.  A follow up visit may be required in order to clean the pool.

8.  Test and balance chemicals and minerals in pool.  This is a checklist of the tests we do:

1.  P.H.

2.  Chlorine

3.  Alkalinity

4.  Calcium

5.  Water Temp

6.  Iron

7.  Copper

8.  Manganese

9.  (TDS)

10.  Salt (If a salt pool)

11.  Saturation Index

9.  Allow to filter and clear up.

10.  Follow up visits and multiple back-washing may be needed to get pool water clear.

Tip:  To avoid a green pool in the spring we recommend pulling the cover back a couple of times during the winter and checking the chemicals and adding chlorine to keep the water from turning green.  This will speed up the process in the spring when the pool is opened and also save you some money.

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