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Safety Covers

Need A Safety Cover Installed On Your Pool?

You just bought an awesome new swimming pool or you have a pool that’s been collecting some unwanted leaves and debris and you really want to protect your investment.  Fact is, a swimming pool can really be your family’s best friend or worst enemy.  Pools that sit stagnant for months can become not only a safety hazard but can cost you a lot of money when you try to get them in working order again.  So, what’s the best way to protect your swimming pool and your family at the same time?  Read on to find a few benefits from installing a solid or Mesh Safety Cover.

Spakle Pools, Inc. Winter Safety Cove Pool Shut Down

1.  Mesh safety pool covers are a pretty cool invention.  The benefits of these covers are threefold as they offer stable protection for your pool and at the same time allow rainwater to enter into the pool and not drag down the top of the cover.  

They also help to prevent accidents when the

pool is not in use.  Children and pets are

protected from slips and falls into the pool when

the cover is installed correctly.


2.  A mesh pool cover prevents leaves from

passing through the mesh and creates a safety

barrier over the pool. This type of cover is more

apt to be used with an automatic sump pump

that is installed on the first or second step in the

pool during the winter months.  Additionally, they

are lightweight and easy to install.  Mesh covers

are a cost effective way to protect your

investment and provide safety when you pool is

not in use.


3.  Solid safety covers are another great way to

protect you pool while creating a safer swimming

environment. While a solid safety cover is a bit

more expensive than your typical mesh pool

cover it has some added benefits.  These types

of covers are more geared toward someone who wants a little bit more protection for their

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pool, also these covers keep the sunlight out which reduces algae growth and the extra rainfall.  A swimming pool owner can expect their solid safety cover to last around 7-10 years.


4.  Solid safety covers offer a more stable protection against algae and leaves by preventing sunlight from entering the water.  During winter months rain water is allowed to pass through a safety mesh pool cover,  while leaves cannot enter the pool where the water can become cloudy and dirty.  Using a solid safety cover prevents algae growth and accumulation of rain water.


5.  Like a mesh pool cover, solid covers save money and hassles in the long run.  Your in ground safety pool cover is an investment and should be protected and treated as such.  A solid safety cover will pay for itself over the years by eliminating the cost of pool cleaners and maintenance repairs.  Solid safety covers take a lot of pool opening costs out of the equation.

A swimming pool is an investment that is designed to offer you years of enjoyment.  While there is the initial expense when installing your pool, it’s important to protect your pool from the start.  Whether you are considering purchasing a mesh or solid safety cover for your pool, consider the long term benefits.  A pool cover can protect your pool from debris and prevent potential accidents from occurring.  The bottom line is a pool cover offers peace of mind and protection for your family.

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