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You’ve come to the right place.  Sparkle Pools has been resurfacing swimming pools in Knoxville, TN for more than 20 years.  We have the knowledge and experience to deliver to our customers a beautiful finish. Our experienced plaster crews install Diamond Brite, River Rok and Durazzo pool finishes by Southern Grouts and Mortars. We can take on any size residential or commercial sized resurfacing project and have currently completed re-plastering projects ranging from 500-6000 sq. ft. In addition to resurfacing your swimming pool, we can address other issues such as cracks in pool shells, old skimmer replacement, new equipment retrofits, new tile installation or new lighting options. We will work with you to come up with a new beautiful look for resurfacing your swimming pool. With almost two decades of swimming pool service, repair and renovation experience you can trust Sparkle Pools to deliver a new pool finish you will be proud to show off.

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General Guidelines For Prepping Your Swimming Pool For Resurfacing.

1.  Undercut existing substrate a minimum of 2″ away from tiles, fittings discharges, lights and main drains and at least 3/8″ deep into existing substrate.

2.  Sound out and remove all hollow and delaminated plaster.

3.  Identify all hollow spots and cut an area

of 3″ around the perimeter of the hollow

spot.  Remove the loose material inside the

cut area.  Fill the hollow spot bringing the

area level with the existing surface.


4.  After pool shell has been prepped, wash

pool shell with TSP to remove any body oils.

Once the pool shell is washed in TSP, the

pool is given a chlorine wash to remove any

bio film or algae left in plaster.


5.  Acid etch surface of pool to create a good

mechanical bond for bonding agent.

Rinse and neutralize acid.


6.  After any standing water is removed and

pool shell is damp, we apply SGM Bond Kote as directed.  Bond Kote consists of one 5 gallon bucket of liquid

resin and two 65lb bags of dry mix and it will cover approximately 500 Sq. Ft.  Bond Kote bonds the new plaster to the existing substrate.


7.  Apply SGM Dynamite pool patch on any leaks and around fittings.


8.  Plug all fittings and main drains.  Leave all inlets plugged until pool is full of water to prevent drips stains.  Pull main drain plug when beginning to fill pool.

9.  Mark location of all fittings so they are not accidentally covered up by plaster.


10.  Draw a detailed plan of pool showing locations of all fittings.

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Spakle Pools, Inc. Spa Resurfacing
Spakle Pools, Inc. Pool Resurfacing Plaster
Spakle Pools, Inc. Finished Pool Resurface Replaster

Applying Mix

1.  Mix different batch numbers on bags in even ratios with each other to avoid extreme color variations and record batch numbers.


2.  Measure and add water to mixer holding back a portion of water and adding only if necessary as mixing progresses. Lower water to cement ratios will produce Diamond Brite with greater strength and density. It is best to use as little water as possible in the mix. We use approximately 1.5 to 2 gallons of water per bag.


3.  Mix for at least 5 minutes but not more than 10 minutes. Mixing for longer periods can weaken the material and produce undesirable air bubbles while mixing less than 5 minutes could result in uneven setting and shade variations.


4.  In cold weather conditions SGM 

(Southern Grout and Mortars) approves the use of calcium chloride

as an accelerator during resurfacing. It has to be fully dissolved in

water allowing impurities to settle out, and pouring off from the top

being careful not to add impurities to the mix.


5.  Mist the pool shell. Mist shell but do not leave any standing

water. The substrate should be cool and damp but not soaking wet.


6.  Pump mix into the pool applying a scratch coat to the deep end

bowl first then starting with the shady walls and working to the

sunny walls allowing to set up slightly. Set time will vary according

to temperature and humidity. Apply the scratch coat to the entire

surface to 3/8”-1/2” thickness.


7.  Apply second coat.


8.  Expose Diamond Brite. Allow Diamond Brite to set up, this can

take a few hours to overnight. Use a 25% muriatic acid and water solution starting in the deep end bowl first, then working up to the shallow end. This will minimize streaks on the floor. Acid wash walls and steps last. During this process keep a pump running in the deep end pumping the water out so as not to allow water to accumulate.

9.  Neutralize new plaster finish with a solution of sodium bicarbonate and water solution to neutralize any remaining acid on new plaster.

10.  Start up and water balance. Start the circulation system and run continuously for three days. On day one we test and record the chlorine, Ph, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and temperature levels. Adjust Ph to 7.2-7.4 with alkalinity around 100 ppm dissolving chemicals in water before adding to the pool. No chlorine or calcium chloride is added at this time. Brush entire pool down every day for first three days and clean filter as needed. Day two we will test, record and adjust water levels. Adjust Ph to 7.2-7.4 and readjust alkalinity to 100 ppm. Due to the curing of plaster the Ph will rise, so we need to keep adjusting the Ph. Day three we will adjust chlorine to 1-3 ppm, alkalinity to 90-120 ppm, calcium hardness to 200-400 ppm and stabilizer to 30-60 ppm.


1.  Lower calcium levels reduce scale and discoloration


2.  Run Pool pump 24 hours a day


3.  Do not add salt for 30 days (If a salt pool)


4.  Do not put automatic pool cleaners in pool for 30 days


5.  Do not use a wheeled vacuum for 14 days to avoid leaving wheel marks


6.  Brush pool daily for two weeks


7.  Get out there and enjoy that pool!

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