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Pool Cleaning

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We Offer:


  • Once a week pool cleaning

  • Once a month pool cleaning

  • Winter service

What Is Included In A Weekly Cleaning Visit:

1. Add water to the pool.  After arriving, if the water level is low we

will start adding water to the pool and turn it off when we leave.  

If the pool needs more water we will notify the home owner.

2.  Blow debris off pool deck and surrounding area.  This is

a good second step since we don’t want debris that is on the pool deck blown into our clean pool after we leave.


3. Take skim net and skim debris floating on the surface of the water.  This is important since we don’t want to spend quality

time vacuuming the pool just to have floating debris sink to the bottom and have to vacuum again.


4.  Empty skimmer baskets.  Pull skimmer baskets out and remove debris that is in them.


5.  Vacuum the pool. Vacuum up any debris on pool floor.


6.  Brush pool and clean tiles.


7.  Empty pump basket.  Turn pool pump off and remove basket for cleaning.  While the pump basket is out it is a good idea to check pump impeller and motor vents for debris or blockages.  Doing these two things ensures pool pump will operate at peak ce.


8.  Backwash the filter.  Backwashing the filter removes accumulated dirt and debris from filter and lowers filter pressure.  A good recommendation for backwashing swimming pool filters is to backwash when pressure builds to 5-7 psi above normal operating pressure.


9.  Test chemicals and minerals in pool water.

What We Check:

1.  Free Chlorine

2.  Total Chlorine

3.  Alkalinity

4.  Calcium Hardness

5.  Iron

6.  Copper

7.  Manganese

8.  Salt (If a salt pool)

9.  Saturation Index (SI is normally not performed on a weekly

basis, only if a problem with one or more chemical/mineral tests 

not falling in parameter)

10.  Add or adjust chemicals & minerals in pool water.


Spakle Pools, Inc. Pool Cleaning
Spakle Pools, Inc. Proper Pool Water Chemistry

Want Some Help With Your Pool Cleaning?

Click Here For Pool Safety Resources

Tired of spending hours upon hours dipping leaves, debris or balancing chemicals only to enjoy your pool for a short time? We have been cleaning and maintaining swimming pools in Knoxville, Tennessee for over 19 years.  We know how to make your pool sparkle, so call us today to schedule your pool cleaning.

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