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Swimming Pool Winterization

Winter is finally upon us and swimming pool winterization should be your next step. If you have yet to close your pool up for the winter, it is imperative that you start this process as soon as possible. Typically a swimming pool maintenance professional in Tennessee from Sparkle Pools should perform the winterization on your pool. If you insist on a DIY project, please follow the list below to make your pool winter safe.

Proper winterization techniques for your pool will cut down on the damage that can occur from frigid winter temperatures. The first step is to make sure that your water chemistry is balanced. If one or more levels are off, you need to correct that imbalance before closing up for the winter. Make sure to thoroughly clean the pool before closing it up. The water should be as clear as possible.

Step two is to make sure that skimmer baskets, ladders, cleaners, solar blankets, and wall fittings have been removed from the pool. You will then need to lower the water level. The amount of water that you will drain will depend on what type of pool you have. If you are unsure, contact a pool expert. Next, drain all pumping, heating, filtering, and chlorinating equipment. Forgetting this step can lead to cracks in the pipes. Also, blow out and add pool anti-freeze to the water lines that connect to the pool. Lastly, add a winter chemical kit to keep the water from growing algae.

The most important piece of equipment you will need is a tight fitting pool cover. A mesh safety cover is the expert choice as it protects against debris, rainwater, and snow melt. The overall winterization process can be quite lengthy and technical. If you are not 100% confident winterizing your pool, call Sparkle Pools. We have swimming pool maintenance specialists that will winterize your pool quickly and efficiently.

If any damage occurs during the winter we are a full service pool company that builds, repairs, renovates, upgrades, or maintains any aspect of the pool or spa you may own. These systems can range from the most simple to triple infinity edge over flowing pools or spas with an array of water features and automation. We do it all!

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