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Swimming Pool Maintenance Steps for Reopening Your Pool for Summer in Tennessee

The sun is out and summer is on its merry way, and with it will come long sunny days out by your pool. But before you can take a luxurious dip in your pool you have to reopen it for the summer. Unfortunately opening your pool is a lot more involved than just removing your pool cover and skimming a few leaves; there are many steps that need to be followed in order to get your pool ready for summer. Our swimming pool maintenance experts in Tennessee have come up with list of steps that you need to take to reopen your pool:

  1. Remove your pool cover. Wash it, fold it and store it.

  2. Test your water. Check pH levels, calcium levels and chemicals.

  3. Replace your pool’s accessories. These can include ladders, baskets, plugs, gauges, etc.

  4. Inspect your pool’s pumps, heaters and lights.

  5. Lube your pool’s valves and o-rings.

  6. Adjust the valves in your start-up motor, prime-up pump and flood lines to ensure that water can flow freely.

  7. Scrub skimmers and brush off the steps of your pool with a phosphate-free cleaner.

  8. Skim the surface of your pool.

  9. Adjust the chlorine levels of your pool. Wait 12-24 hours and recheck your chemical levels again.

Reopening your pool for summer can be very time consuming. If you are looking for an easier solution, contact Sparkle Pools today. We offer more than just pool cleaning services in Knoxville, we are able to do it all, including opening your pool up for summer! Save yourself a headache and a lot of time and give us a call today.

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