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Pool Pump Maintenance

In the grand scheme of swimming pool pump maintenance in Tennessee, the pool pump will require very little maintenance. From time to time your pool pump will require maintenance to keep it running at full capacity. Thankfully when you maintain your pool pump throughout the year it will work for years! Many times when your pool pump is in need of maintenance you can bypass calling the professionals.

All pool pumps require the emptying of the strainer basket at regular intervals. If you forget or dismiss this simple job the debris will enter other parts of the pump. When this happens you can expect damage and pump failure. Total pump failure or damage can be a very expensive job. When you are ready to empty the strainer basket you must first turn OFF the pool pump to avoid personal injury.

Repairing a leak of your pool pump may be as simple as tightening a plug. When the plugs of your pool pump are leaking water the easiest fix is to tighten the plugs. A threaded fitting may also leak. These may need the help of a professional since they usually need to be replaced. A leak at the mechanical seal may go undetected for quite some time since it is located near the motor. These seals should be replaced by a professional.

Pool pumps usually operate quietly due to technological advances in machinery. When your pool pump becomes louder than normal this is a warning sign. Loud pumps should be checked by a professional right away. When loud pumps are ignored the result is a irreparable pump. The professionals at Sparkle Pools in Knoxville, TN can help you maintain your investment no matter what time of year!

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