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Pool Construction

Winter may not bring out the most ideas for summer swimming or pool construction yet winter is one of the best times of the year to make any changes, improvement or large repairs that require down time for your pool. This way the time taken away from your pool being fully functional is not taken away any time from the swim season. There are many things pool owners have done in the winter up to and including new pool construction on a new site or on an existing one that needs remodeled.

Two types of pools are plaster and liner pools. Plaster and vinyl liner pools have many pros and cons over each other which can completely change the over all look and feel to the main focal point of your backyard and options are as high as the sky as the limit on either owners decide to go with. Free form pool or standard shapes and sizes can both be done in liner pools and come in a wide array of color combinations and patterns that can be customized for any customer. Pool construction with liners is faster, cheaper, and over all feels more luxurious than any plaster pool because of the soft to the touch feeling on your whole body.

Pool construction with vinyl liners also inhibits algae growth by not giving them anything to get in-bededded into, makes any minor or major changes in the future easier due to basic mobility of the inner liner. Any additions in the pool construction such as led lighting to make your pool glow, bubblers with or without lights, water falls, slides, diving boards, or any additional water features are all combined with great satisfaction in vinyl liner pools.

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